It’s Membership Renewal Time…

2020 Renewal Membership Rates (must be paid NO LATER than January 31, 2020)
*** 2020 Membership cards may be picked up at the club

  • Italian/non-Italian Voting Membership: $36.00/per year
  • Clubhouse Membership: $31.00/per year

***NOTE:  Renewal Rates no longer apply after January 31, 2020.  After this date, you must join at the NEW membership rates.

Download & print our renewal membership application.


Interested in joining the Sons of Italy Lodge 2786?

Did you know that you do not have to be “Italian” to join the Sons of Italy Lodge 2786?
We have both non-Italian voting memberships and clubhouse memberships available to non-Italians.
Download our membership application below.

2020 New Membership Rates 

  • Italian/non-Italian Voting Membership: $41.00/per year
  • Clubhouse Membership: $36.00/per year

Download & print our membership application for NEW memberships

Celebrando il Nostro Retaggio Lodge 2786

  1. Weekly & Daily books drawn at 10:00pm
                 Clubhouse Hours:   Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 3:00pm – 11:00pm
                                                   Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 3:00pm – 1:00pm
  1. Club privileges will be limited to members with a valid membership card.
  2. In accordance with Health and PLCB regulations, NO pets allowed in bar.
  3. Children under 18 will not be allowed in barroom after 9:00pm.
  4. Children under 18 are not allowed to gamble or play skill machines.
  5. Children under 21 will not be permitted to sit at the bar.
  6. Only authorized personnel will be permitted behind the bar.
  7. Patrons who do not hold membership to the Clubhouse or Lodge shall be considered a guest of the Clubhouse. Guests must be accompanied by a member in good standing. Guests must be signed into the guest book by the member upon entering the Clubhouse. Members signing in guests are responsible for the guest’s conduct. Only the member signing the guest may purchase alcohol for the guest. Guests are prohibited from purchasing alcohol. Guests must be accompanied by the member at all times.
  8. Members may sign in a maximum of five (5) guests at any one time.
  9. Guests residing within our area will be restricted to 3 visits per year.
  10. Spouses of members are permitted to gamble and play skill machines may not purchase alcohol.
  11. Only authorized personnel will operate thermostats, lights and other switches.
  12. No weapons of any kind will be permitted.
  13. No smoking permitted before 9:00pm. This includes electronic cigarettes.
  14. Individuals who have been rejected by vote will not be permitted.
  15. Under NO circumstances will members or guests be permitted to bring-in food or drinks.
  16. Membership approval & Door Access Card activation will take place during Board Meetings (1st & 2nd Monday of each month).
  17. Members are required to carry their membership card while on the premises and/or be prepared to provide proof of membership, ie. receipt for membership payment.
  18. Members are required to use their Door Access Code to enter the club. Please do not ring the buzzer, if you ring the buzzer, be prepared to show your membership card to the bartender.
  19. This is a private club for members only. Door Access Codes are for MEMBER USE ONLYPlease DO NOT give your Door Access Code to non-members to gain access into the club.